My Recent Favorite Rehomes

Mac, 16.5 hh,  Holsteiner X Gelding, 16 years old.

While sitting in the stands at the Kamloops Horse Sale last fall the woman sitting next to me began chatting about what I do....(horse rehoming, etc)  She then asked if I would be interested in taking her big grey gelding, explaining that he just wasnt suitable for thier lifestyle.  She went on to tell me that he was a show horse, level three dressage out of Calgary, Alberta previous to them owning him.  Went on extensively about `Mac`s`awesome disposition and solid mind.....saying how great it would be if I would be able to match him up with someone..  I told her I would be interested in bringing him home and seeing what we could come up with for him.

Mean while a Facebook friends young daughter had eyed him up on my site..... she had been hoping to find a new horse as her kind old arab had brought her far already but she was ready to move up....also Jaida had grown a good foot over summer she had far outgrown the little horse.  She hounded her Mom to contact me and inquire for her....which she did.  We agreed on me hauling Mac over to our close friends arena and seeing how the two of them would get along..... Jaida was such a good match for this gelding that I made them a deal on them purchasing him that they could not refuse.....   His previous owner was very thankful that we were able to find someone that would enjoy his playful personality and also handle this big horse and make him work to his potential.  They too are now in 4-H  as well.

Pampero MF  (Purchased for 8 cents per pound in a cattle sale.)

I purchased this little gelding in the cattle sale this past fall. I paid $0.08 cents per pound for him....weighing 760 lbs.  He was thin, completely matted with burrdock (mane and tail)  and his feet where broken and uncared for.  He did have a sparkle in his eye though in the pen outback and was very respectful when I went out to visit him prior to the sale. 

I took him home and shared his photos on my Facebook page...asking if anyone would buy him for $100 delivered.  Two people were interested but overnight had both changed plans.  I decided then to clean him up, brush him out, deworm him, vacinate him and then see how broke to ride he was.   After sharing his new photos on Facebook,  one of my Facebook friends recognized him!!!  She came to see him the next day and confirmed yes indeed,  it was Pampero (she previously had worked for his owners so knew him quite well.)  With help of other Facebook friends we were able to find his registration papers and then gather his history...  he`s a 24 year old Registered Peruvian Paso gelding,  is very well bred and shown up until he was sold for $3500 in 2003 ( I believe his breeders said.) 

After learning his age and history my partner and I decided rather than try to sell him we would give him a young girl that we knew would love and appreciate him and we would permit him to continue living here, making it possible for her to have the horse.....  He is now her 2016 4-H project.   A perfect size for Lynndsay who is new to riding but he treats her like the gentleman that he is.