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~~Every horse has a story, I wish I could hear it from their point of view~~        


 My Girl Cassie


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 For quite a few years I've been given permission to pick horses out of the pens owned by the people that send for slaughter, mostly horses used for human consumption, healthy horses, drug free, typically ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time  or being in a poor situation with owners that have bought far more than they had counted on and found the easiest solution is to send the horse to auction.....  the BUYERS are more than happy to allow the horses a chance at a proper exhistance and a purpose for life.   With this in mind with every horse I bring home, the goal is to rehome and move it to a new life as soon as possible.


 I also clerk at out local cattle sale yard here in Armstrong, B.C. ,  Valley Auction Ltd  on occasion for many years.  I tend to bid also on horses put through the cattle sales that are sold by the pound,  I am very particular and tend to have a weakness for a kind eye and a kind soul.... a horse placed there through no fault of it's own.

 I am also given many horses with hopes of rehoming into forever loving homes.  It is very rare that I decline taking in a horse having rehomed hundreds over the years.  Occasionally I make a few dollars on a horse but typically I rehome them for the feed costs they have consumed while here (at a rate of $5.00 per day.)  Rehoming at this rate allows many nice horses to go to deserving familys at a faster pace, rather than feeding for months waiting. 


Thank you for your time,

Marie van der Wilk







            ~~Every horse has a story, I wish I could hear it from their point of view~~